Folding Carton

We’re one of the few print companies that take the complexities out of Folding Cartons and make it easy for designers to fearlessly create professional-looking folding cartons.

For your customer, packQ:

Offers static and parametric AI (artificial intelligence) powered templates that guide even the most novice designer through a series of steps that enable them to design packaging like a pro. Our 3D viewer enables them to see their progress in real time and from all different angles.

For you, packQ makes it easy to sell more folding cartons by:
  • Automating the entire purchasing process including order entry, estimating, proofing and admin functions

  • Ensuring you get paid before the project starts with our quick and easy cart check out

  • Enabling you to use data to identify buying trends to improve profitability

  • Providing a fully-branded solution

  • Adapting our system to your workflow

  • Integrating with systems you are already working with

  • Offering short implementation times

  • Enabling full opti-channel capabilities so your customer can be seen across all communication touchpoints, including email, social media, web and more

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