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Providing self-service tools for your customers means your time can be spent on growing your print business and increasing profitability.

packQ fully automates ordering processes – from shopping cart to production, shipping and billing – with sophisticated and intelligent online editors, an SEO-optimized program structure, and a slick interface.

packQ web-to-print is jam-packed with features to suit every design level. While customers spend their time fearlessly designing and ordering professional-looking packaging online. PSPs can spend their time growing their print business and increasing profitability. Gone are the days when you spend your time on pre-press issues like file formats and fonts.

To start selling packaging online, simply select and upload your packaging, label, and finishing options, together with your price list. Set the parameters to best suit your printing equipment – if your customer chooses a different size, the built-in rules will alert them before they even begin the design process.

We have a library of over 3,000 product options to choose from, all neatly categorized into themes. The entire process is automated, including the pricing.

packQ web-to-print helps you:

  • Automate the entire purchasing process
  • Get paid before the project starts
  • Improve profitability with data insights
  • Provide a fully-branded solution
  • Integrate with your workflow and your systems - quickly
  • Deliver a full opti-channel customer experience
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