Offset and hybrid print shops missing out on millions of dollars in revenue by not adopting web-to-print  

The statistics

In a special report, global market research leader Smithers revealed that innovations will be essential to the ongoing evolution of printing. Its latest in-depth investigation – Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Print – assessed the market potential for 23 such innovations set to “revolutionize” printing through to 2031. In terms of workflow innovations it said: “The main opportunities will come from wider automation and digitization of commercial and packaging print workflows.” Smithers also estimated that by 2022, digital print will be 19.1% in terms of value worldwide – but only 4.3% in terms of volume! The rest will be offset. That’s huge!  

Yet many offset printing companies are leaving millions of dollars on the table by not adopting modern web-to-print technology. Association for Print Technologies estimated the global web-to-print market at $30 billion (USD) – yet why are offset printers and hybrid shops (i.e. those who use a combination of offset and digital) not taking full advantage of modern web-to-print technology? Has the hype around digital print obscured the truth?

Whatever the reason, it’s causing many non-digital/offset printers to overlook the proven, bottom-line advantages of deploying modern, easy-to-use, web-to-print software – especially now, when potential customers continue to work from home and order online due to COVID-19 variants.  

Your built-in advantage as a printer
Across North America, hundreds of companies large and small, from start-ups to established brands, are selling their products online and experiencing huge success, reaping the rewards of this growing $30 billion market. Yet they’re not commercial offset or hybrid printing shops and have little or no experience in printing or packaging print. As an offset or hybrid shop, you have a clear advantage over these web-to-print users because you know the intricacies of printing inside out. Imagine what you could do as printing and packaging experts when you adopt an easy-to-use, web-to-pack solution such as packQ! Imagine the additional profits you’d make from taking advantage of massive, untapped markets like these.

Download: 3 ways to start selling more packaging online
Exclusively for non-digital and hybrid offset/digital print shops

Enormous revenue opportunities

packQ web-to-pack removes the complexities of packaging and package design – a growing market projected to be worth $508.51 billion (USD) by 2030 according to Market Research Future. For both offset and hybrid shops, packQ software will:
• Automate the entire purchasing process from start to finish – including order entry,   estimating, proofing, administration, etc.
• Ensure you get paid before the project starts with quick and easy cart checkout
• Enable you to use data to identify buying trends to improve profitability
• Easily integrate with your existing workflow, production systems and equipment
• Allow for customization as your company expands
• Support unlimited portals, brands and storefronts

For your customers, packQ:
• Guides them through the entire process smoothly
• Provides templates to show clients where and what size text to use
• Enables users to see their design in real time, in 3D, and from all angles
• Allows them to design packaging using the actual size of the package
• Makes short runs much more economical
• Makes it quick and easy for your customers to create/modify quotes
• Maintains brand integrity
• Offers easy access to ordering, anywhere, anytime and on any device
• Enables them to send files directly to production
• Provides instant uploads and downloads  

Like having an unsalaried salesperson
Ideal for folding carton, corrugated, labels and flexible packaging, packQ helps you sell more packaging online by keeping your offset (and digital) presses running 24/7, while allowing you to upsell value-added print finishing and embellishments. It’s indeed like having an efficient, responsive, round-the-clock professional salesperson. The entire packQ process, from start to finish including all pricing, is completely automated.  

Three easy ways to get started
To begin selling more packaging online you simply:

1. Choose your team, including business stakeholders and decision-makers heading key departments such as operations, IT, sales, marketing, finance, etc. We’ll help you to train them on how to best utilize packQ software in their day-to-day operations.  

2. Determine exactly how you’re going to empower your customers to order online. Want to streamline quoting and order entry? Are you eager to provide customers an exceptional brand experience? Or make it easy to upload and proof files? packQ will automate all online sales functions – from estimate to upload to final delivery – while also helping you to properly brand your (and your customers’) online portal. packQ has a vast library of over 3,000 highly adaptable product variations to choose from, all aimed at helping you sell more packaging print online.  

3. Select packQ as your trusted technology partner. Our proven, reasonably-priced, easy-to-deploy software will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and production workflows – including MIS (Management Information System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), payroll, fulfillment, etc. – so you can easily upload your packaging, label and finishing options and their accompanying price lists.

You know offset print and packaging; we know how to help you sell more online. So let’s talk. Soon.  

Download: 3 ways to start selling more packaging online
Exclusively for non-digital and hybrid offset/digital print shops
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